Top 5 Pregnancy Tips

Top 5 Pregnancy Tips

 Top 5 Pregnancy Tips

By Matteo_D’Alesio

Pregnancy is a hard time for any family or single mother. It can drive you to your emotional and physical limits but it is all for the miracle of new life, so here is a brief over view of some helpful tips that will guide and advise you through pregnancy.

1. Remember To Add Extra Calories To Your Diet

It may be an obvious aspect of pregnancy but you’re eating for two. So remember when you are pregnant that you need to eat more food than you would normally.

As a ball park figure, you need to add three hundred to five hundred extra calories to your daily intake. This will help to give you the extra energy so you can help both you and your baby during your pregnancy.

2. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

You’ll need to be fit and healthy for the physical strain that pregnancy may put on you. It’s best to start exercising well before your pregnant so you’re ready when the pregnancy truly hits you.

Exercise isn’t just about staying in shape either, it is proven to lower the risk of miscarriage and it can also help to rude the likelihood of any complications in labour plus it also reduces labour time.

3. Tell Any Medical Professional You Meet

If you have an appointment with a doctor or your local general practitioner and they do not you are pregnant, then tell them immediately. This can prevent any tests being performed on you or any drugs prescribed to you that could be harmful.

If they do not know your pregnancy then they won’t be able to stop a harmful substance or test affecting you. Whilst they may be medical professionals, in your first few week of pregnancy there is little to no difference in your appearance or behaviour so how will they know unless you tell them?

4. Have A Chat With Your Parents

Pregnancy can be a scary time for any family or mother. So why not have a chat with the people that brought you up, your mum and dad. You could even try some close friends or relatives who have raised kids. They will often tell you things that medical professionals are not allowed to tell you or they may give you a great tip that help with your pregnancy.

5. Start A Journal
A journal or a blog, offline or online, can be a great to stay on track with your pregnancy. Plus it’s a priceless item that you can cherish forever, you could even show it to your child when they’re old enough read. What is more special than the story of their birth?

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