Top 10 Romantic Tips For a Rocking 1st Wedding Anniversary


Top 10 Romantic Tips For a Rocking 1st Wedding Anniversary

By D_K_Mukherjee

The first wedding anniversary is always a very special one for any couple. Memories of that dream wedding are still quite fresh. Although a year has rolled by, with the usual ups and downs, it has been a pretty good ride thus far. So, given the mercurial times that we live in, when marriages end even before the wedding flowers have withered, a first wedding anniversary deserves all the attention and celebration!

Sadly, it is often the small things that chip away even a strong relationship. And when a relationship is as new and as fragile as a one-year old marriage, then some kid-gloves-handling is called for. Nothing stirs a woman’s senses so much as discovering a romantic partner in her husband even after a year. So, if you are planning to wow her on your first wedding anniversary, forget the splashy, extravagant gestures (although they are pretty good too!) and focus on the little things, unexpected gestures and guess-defying surprises that will floor her.

Top 10 Romantic Tips For a Rocking 1st Wedding Anniversary

So, here are the top 10 ideas to help you get your own creative juices flowing…

1. Soak the day (and night) in romance. Wake up before she does and make breakfast for her. It need not be elaborate but be sure to arrange the tray artistically. Place an anniversary card, a red rose and your gift on it and present it to her. Don’t let her lift a finger to do any housework on this day. Take the day off from work, if you have to. Let her have a nice and long lie-in. Prepare lunch. Better still, go out for one. The evening is the ace that you have up your sleeve. Make her a lip-smacking spread, place the choicest wines on the table and have soft music playing in the background as she joins you, dressed in that sensuous number you presented her. Later, walk with her hand-in-hand to the bedroom and exult in the gasp that escapes her lips when she sees the bed strewn with rose petals. Wait! There are rose petals in her bath as well. Enjoy a long, soak together and the rest, well, we leave that up to you. Tip: Don’t rush even if you are dying to. Once you seduce her senses, you won’t have to wait too long anyway!

2. Pamper her from head to toe. No, not at a steeply-priced spa, but right here in your cosy home. Set the ambience first. Have aromatic reed fusions placed in the bedroom. Place lighted scented candles all over the room and even in the bathroom. Smell can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Draw the curtains and place the massage mats on the floor. Keep the massage oils ready. Oh yes, have sensuous music playing softly in the background. Invite her to lie down and give her a massage she won’t forget for a long, long time. Once you are done, ask her to return the favour. Have the bath drawn and ready and indulge in a long soak together.

3. Arrange for a candle-light dinner under the stars!  Eating in a crowded restaurant with the clatter of cutlery and conversation all around you is a romance-killer. Try and find restaurants that cater to outdoor private dining. Have a private canopy made, with her favorite  flowers on the table, and the choicest gourmet delicacies awaiting her. Reach for her hand and slip the diamond anniversary band that you got especially made for her.

4. Whisk her away to a surprise destination (but one you know she has wanted to visit). If both of you are working professionals, then you know better than anyone else that work stress and burn-out are all too familiar stalkers of marital intimacy. Have all the arrangements done in advance (no last-minute plan upsets). Arrange for a couple of days’ leave from her office and ask them if they can keep it a secret. On the big day, inform her of the trip. Even though you may be tempted to keep the destination mysterious and secret till you actually get there, it might be better to let her in on it so that she can pack adequately. An unexpected holiday in the middle of a work-encircled calendar can be so refreshing and revitalising.

5. Surprise her! Let the surprises keep flowing at regular intervals. This one is perfect if, by an unfortunate coincidence you happen to be out of town on this day. Or, so she thinks! You can try and be wacky and romantic – it is an unbeatable combination. Send her a telegram that reaches her first thing in the morning. Imagine her surprise when she tears it open and finds your congratulatory wishes scrawled inside it! That’s not all. Another doorbell will find her staring at an enormous bouquet of flowers – sent by you to her! Finally, a hand-delivered note will arrive in the afternoon asking her to please be dressed and waiting. By now, her excitement and anticipation are well and truly aroused. A chauffeur-driven limo will purr to a halt outside her home in the evening and carry her away to the surprise destination where – surprise! – you will be awaiting her – for a magical night of music, dance and dinner.

6. A romantic paper scroll for her! Did you know that paper is the traditional gift for the 1st wedding anniversary? Paper may sound terribly unromantic, but it is not. From handmade cards to personalised poetry, paper makes a superb (and romantic) first anniversary gift. Go one step further and have a paper scroll written especially for the love of your life. Fill it with little, intimate details of all the things that you love about her, the meaningful moments of the year gone by and your hopes for the future that you can envisage only with her. You can affix a particularly favourite wedding photograph of the two of you on to the scroll.

7. Go on a romantic moonlight picnic! You don’t have to go very far – just your own backyard is good enough. Pick the choicest wines, the most exotic fruits and some gourmet snacks and chocolates. Spread out a cloth and raise a toast to each other and to many more such love-filled years together. Doesn’t she look beautiful with that lovely moonlight bathing her in its silver glow?

8. A red rose on the hour!  Whether she’s a housewife or a working professional, it doesn’t matter. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do! Which is, sending her one long-stemmed red rose faithfully on the hour, starting from when she wakes up. Each rose should come accompanied with a love coupon – each bearing a personal message that is, in turns, saucy, naughty, tender, romantic, fun or plain sensuous. Top it off with a fabulous dinner somewhere quiet.

9. Let your gift reflect your sensitivity. A year is a fairly long time for getting an intimate insight into what makes your partner tick. The first anniversary is definitely not for mundane gifts like food processors and microwaves. Like it or not, she expects romance – in huge dollops. Your gift has to tug at her heart and that means some careful advance planning and investing your imagination. If you are otherwise a disaster in the kitchen but still manage to bake her favourite chocolate cake with a loving message piped on it, she couldn’t be more thrilled. It simply tells her that you care enough to have made the effort.

10.  Renew your vows. Yes, marriages these days barely make it past the fifth anniversary; so treasure your first year – the first milestone – and accord it the grand celebration it deserves. You could consider having a private ‘wedding ceremony’ all over again when you solemnly repeat your vows to each other. Not only will it make her feel cherished and happy, she will also feel the last vestiges of insecurity draining out of her.
Above all, the first wedding anniversary is all about loving and treasuring each other for a lifetime. Give her super special memories of the first year even when you are raising a toast to your diamond jubilee!

Former journalist Daya writes about gift giving, romance and relationships on the web. Anniversaries — how to celebrate them, what gifts to give, etc — are positively her specialty. Her tips on the ideal   1st year anniversary present cover the traditional and contemporary gift themes, jewellery, flowers and more. At 1st anniversary gift traditions you can find her first instalment of 1st year wedding anniversary advice.

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