The Key to Happiness, Learn to Love Simply

The Key to Happiness, Learn to Love Simply

 The Key to Happiness, Learn to Love Simply

By MJ_Schrader
Many things are complicated. Work is complicated. Relationships are complicated. Understanding our emotions, understanding the emotions of others, both are complicated. There are so many things that are complicated and thus they drain us and take away from our happiness.

Have you ever noticed?

It is the simple things we remember. The silly games played as children are remembered years later. Little children play with the boxes and bows that wrap their gifts rather than the one that cost you money. The laughter shared with various friends comes to mind as a simple pleasure. Enjoying cocoa, watching a fire, or enjoying the sound of birds are other happy thoughts.

Why do we make things complicated?

We often make love complicated. Love of our friends, family and significant others should be simple beautiful. They should be a gift we share, yet we try to complicate it. We forget that love helps our happiness and both are simply beautiful.

How can I make love simple?

Do not search for negative things in your loved ones, focus on their strengths. Work towards a mutual kindness and trust. It has a spiraling upward effect, because when you treat your loved ones with kindness and trust it grows and makes it easier to reflect that back. This makes love simple and happiness easier.

Where is the drama?

Let other places be full of drama. Some people create drama, which is sad, as loved ones die, financial struggles, illnesses and other problems create enough drama for anyone. Do not add to it. Mind games and temper tantrums, screaming, and other things can be stopped. As soon as you realize you are creating drama, stop. Remember to love simply. Focus on the positive, step away if you must but bring yourself back to a calm state.

What if someone else is creating the drama?

If someone else is creating the drama ask them to stop. If you can not, become neutral. Do not succumb to their rampage of emotions. And sometimes you may need to walk away if they decide to become destructive or mean. After a while they should learn better around you, if not the relationship will slowly drift apart. Remember someone addicted to drama wants the drama returned. If you want simple love, you must show it and “expect” it in return.

How can I make love simply easy?

There is a basic rule to follow. “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Yes, there will be times when a loved one hurts you. There may be times when you argue. Yet, no matter what you can remember to treat the other how you want to be treated and expect that in return. Argue, but do not hurt each other. Argue the real points, not that “you never take out the garbage” when you mean “you do not help as much as I would like.” What happens without the drama, with the positive thoughts, and loving each other, this beautiful simple love appears.

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