How To Stop Smoking Fast – 5 Tips To Stop Smoking Fast

How To Stop Smoking Fast – 5 Tips To Stop Smoking Fast

 How To Stop Smoking Fast - 5 Tips To Stop Smoking Fast


How to stop smoking fast is a very common asked question by smokers

And let’s be honest smoking can causes seriously health damages.

I don’t give you a list here because I’m sure you now already the dangers of smoking.

But here are some things why you should stop smoking fast.

– More money to buy things

– Do the sports you have always wanted to do

– Have more pleasure while eating

– You can have fresh clothes.

Read on in the next few paragraphs you will discover 5 secret tips to stop smoking fast.

Tip 1 # Be busy

There are several ways how to be busy. Here are some examples you can use.

– Make longer phone calls with your friends or family.

– Peel an orange with your fingers.

– Watch a movie

Tip 2 # change your mind

If you want to get rid of cigarettes you will have to change your mind.
The tobacco and the pharmacy industry have on thing in common they are monster companies.
 What does this mean to you? They will that you believe that it is not possible or very hard to quit your smoking habit.
Stop smoking is not different; in fact it is very easy to do.
 You are just brainwashed by the big companies. Both the tobacco and the pharmacy industry is making big money from this lie.

Tip 3 # A reward plan
If you really want to quit you must reward yourself.
 I’m not talking about big rewards such as a new car or new clothes but smaller rewards.
 A little example.
 If you have eaten and you don’t smoke within your first hour after the lunch then reward yourself with an extra dessert.

Tip 4 # Some drinks to avoid

If you want to stop this smoking habit you will have several drink.

Stop drinking alcohol, coffee and juices.

Tip 5 # Make a list

Take a piece of paper and write down:

– The dangers of smoking a cigarette

– The benefits of quitting.

Every time you smoke a cigarette read this list and ask yourself the question.

“Why do I smoke again?”

I hope you found the tips useful. Keep in mind this list can help you out but is not enough to stop smoking fast. You will have to do more research. Whatever you do don’t spend your money on laser therapies or nicotine gums they do simply not work.

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