How to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout – 7 Time and Management Tips

How to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout – 7 Time and Management Tips

By Hueina Su

In the ever widening circles of family and work, women need to reexamine their own lifestyles to manage stress and avoid burnout. Embracing a more balanced lifestyle means reconnecting with yourself and rediscovering the pleasure in the small things you used to do. These seven stress and management tips will help you learn how to create a more balanced life and manage your own stresses.

1. Prioritize Activities
Identify your five most important values which you can use as a “filter” to help you assess how you manage your time. This will help you decide which activities are worth pursuing and which you need to drop.

2. Time Out for Fun Activities
Balance your work schedule with enjoyable “pick-me-up” activities that help manage your stress creatively. This is not an option but a necessity! Making time for fun and enjoyable activities is all about respecting yourself and also modeling this for your family. Start with small activities like spending time at a park or seeing your favorite movie. 

3. Keep a Focused Daily Checklist

Avoid feeling compelled to take on too many responsibilities all at once. Decide in advance what activities and tasks must get done and write these down on your checklist. For less important activities, consider bartering your services with other moms or dumping them altogether. You will be amazed at how much time you have left in the day to do other fun or important things!

4. Set Limitations
With every new task or project, decide if the effort is worth your time and energy. If you’re spending too much time on one project, chances are you aren’t moving ahead with your goals. Take a good look at your to-do list again and reassess your priorities.

5. Stick to Realistic Expectations

Spend a few minutes every morning taking stock of your checklist. How many of those tasks need to get done by you? How many can get done by others? Keep realistic and honest expectations of what needs to get done in a given day. Managing stress is much easier when letting go of those unnecessary tasks.

6. Avoid Multi-Tasking
Multitasking may look like a timesaver at first, but in fact, it creates more stress and frustration since you are managing to do too many tasks at once. Make it your commitment to do three short tasks for the task. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing off a task on your checklist!

7. Keep Your Schedule Fun and Simple
Keep a stock of fun activities like books, ipods when you have extra time like waiting in an airport, for a doctor’s appointment, or in traffic. Have a small ritual you do at the end of each day.

While work is an inevitable part of our lives, there are time and management tips to manage the daily stress of work and family and avoid burnout to help infuse more joy, productivity and satisfaction. So make those moments count!

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From Hueina Su, The Nurturer’s Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author of “Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul: 7 Keys to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others”, and the creator of Rx for Balance program.

Copyright 2009 Hueina Su

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