Flowers and Smiles

Flowers and Smile

 Flowers and Smiles

By Shrey_Sehgal

As they say, “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity”, this clearly resonates a strong connection between flowers and smiles. A bunch of fresh blooms always extends a reason to smile. We often wonder why we smile when we receive flowers, or even a thought of receiving or sending flowers to someone brings a smile to our face. Well, there are many reasons and we shall talk about some, here itself.


When our loved ones are celebrating special occasions and for some reason or the other, we are unable to become a part of those celebrations, we send flowers, to convey our wishes and to tell them that we are with them in spirits. A heart-felt wish that reaches them through that bouquet brings an instantaneous smile on their face. Even if we are present there physically and join in the festivities, flowers presented as gifts add-on to the happiness and create a smile. The fragrance, the color of flowers has that effect and ability to connect so with human brain and make a person smile.


Love, the biggest reason to smile is also expressed and celebrated with blooms. There is no better way other than an artistically crafted exquisite flower arrangement that can convey a message of passionate love and bring a smile on receiver’s face. Flowers have an age-old and everlasting bond with love and its articulation. When a beautiful bouquet appears in front of eyes to convey those three simple words” I love you”, no human can resist a smile.


Where celebrations have a strong connection with flowers, some moments of melancholy or suffering can also be adorned with fragrant blossoms. We often try to cheer-up someone by sending flowers to them. Be it a sad phase they are going through or they are enduring physical pain due to some mishap in life, a beautiful bunch of vivacious flowers brings a ray of hope and a bright smile along with that. The vibrant colors of flowers bring them a little change from their daily monotonous experiences and present them a different picture of life. As the lyrics of a popular song by Kanye West say:

“I smile when the roses come to see me
And I can’t wait for a sunny day (seeing it through your eyes)
Can’t wait for the clouds to break”
Hence the smile!


Flowers also convey peace and happiness. A broken bond can easily be revived by sending a smiling bunch of flowers to melt that stubborn heart. A message of peace is very well portrayed through blooms. So, when you are trying to say “let’s be friends again”, present a bouquet and be amazed with that heart-warming smile on your friend’s face.

Therefore, one must keep sending fresh, vibrant, blooming with fragrance bouquets to their loved ones. For a reason, or just like that, to bring a smile on their face.

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