Analyzing How Importance Is Music To Our Life


Analyzing How Importance Is Music To Our Life 

By [Adriana_N

Music is based on our imagination and creativity. Only we can decide how importance is music to our life. It plays a vital role in the lives of almost everyone. The best way it helps us is by helping in our mood. Whenever we are sad or happy or excited, we listen to it. Be it slow or fast one to set us dancing. It can also put our mind to peace and calmness. It is history, it is science and it is fun. Many people are so influenced by it that they take it up as a career.

1.It gives different ideas, approaches and colours to life. In case of problems, it helps you to have a calm mind and get the right solution for your problem. Many great musicians made music their passion and have lived and breathed for it. This has helped them in creating music they believe in.

2.It is a universal language. It is not bound by any country or race. It has the same effect on everyone. We can relate it to any other aspect of our life like mathematics, science, language or history.

3.It is like a science. It is specific, precise and demands precise acoustics. It has to have certain changes in volume, intensity, melody, harmony and frequency all at once and at exactly at the same point of time. It is like mathematics. It is based on the subdivisions of time into fractions which needs to be done instantaneously and rhythmically. It can be identified with a lot of things in our life.
4.It has always been used for social change
. It helps people come close and connect with one other emotionally. It is considered as a bridge which helps people of different religion, races, cultures and races to forget their differences and meet at a cross road. With this art, man gets the power to express himself in a way which no other creature on earth can do. It makes life colourful and energetic.

There are many traditions that men cherish and all of them involve it in some or the other way. Rituals like marriages include this art as a part of the religious traditions and culture. Through this art, we can be connected to God, our loved ones and the entire world. With its use, wars have been stopped. The sorrows, anger and desires of our heart are expressed with the help of this art.
5.This art is known to be one of the perfect forms of art.
It progresses over time and hence it has movement. Every musical work has some sort of a beginning and an end. It does not restrict the audience on any grounds. The one who listens to the music can make any type of image he or she wants when listening to it.

It is well said that music is an art that appeals to the conscious mind but the best form of music also appeals to the subconscious as well. It is usually used for good purposes like celebration, peace, calmness of the mind and drawing people together.

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