7 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You

7 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You
By Rene_Taylor_Houston

Being cheated on his never easy to accept, you feel let down, disappointed and very sad your partner could even contemplate being unfaithful to you. But before you go accusing him of taking a lover, it’s best to check out the facts first, because if you’re wrong… it may have a devastating effect on your relationship and he may never forgive you.

No one likes to be accused of playing away from home and being in an illicit affair, so how do you prove your suspicions before you confront him? Hiring a private investigator costs a fortune, so it’s wise to have as much proof as possible of his affair before you take any action, which is a sensible route to take.

So let’s look at some of the tell-tale signs you need to be aware of long before you confront your better half and accuse them of cheating on you.

1. Not Being Contactable

If you’ve always been able to reach your partner pretty quickly, then all of a sudden they don’t reply to your text or phone messages for quite some time, this may be a sign they can’t talk because they are with someone else. If he starts to make excuses, for example, his phone battery was dead, he left his phone somewhere too often, then keep in mind he may be playing away.

2. Appearance Improvements

This has a lot more to do with his vanity. If he’s usually pretty casual about his personal hygiene then he starts to improve his appearance, like having his hair cut more often, shaving more often and buying expensive cologne or after-shave… you can bet there’s probably a very good reason for this change in behavior, and that’s usually to impress someone other than you.

3. More Fashion Conscious

A big giveaway of a cheating partner is their sudden interest in fashion and dressing better, buying trendy clothes or shoes (especially if he’s not exactly a dedicated follower of fashion and pretty laid back) then you have to assume he’s making all this effort for a reason.

4. No Intimacy

If you’ve had a fairly healthy sex life and it starts to dwindle off and finally stops altogether, there may be a good medical reason for this, but if it’s coupled with all of the other actions in this list, then there’s a good chance he’s cheating on you.

Men who get their sexual gratification elsewhere rarely feel comfortable being intimate with their partners at the same time. Sometimes it’s due to guilt other times it’s because they have just gone off you and their attention and affection is now with their new lover.

5. Constantly Coming Home Late

If he has a job where he’s usually home around the same time, then out of the blue he starts to say his boss wants him to work late and this continues longer than you’d expect, then start to get suspicious.

6. Phone Usage Changes

Do they often hang-up on a conversation when you walk into a room? Or do they change their tone of voice from a soft tone to a more official tone as soon as you appear on the scene? These are two signs they are talking to their lover and trying not to alert you.

They may even walk out of the room often to accept phone calls or make phone calls, which they never did before, then start having your doubts.

7. Go With Your ‘Gut Feeling’

You probably know your partner better than anyone else, especially if you’ve been together for several years, so go with your intuition or ‘gut feeling’ at first. Don’t jump to conclusions too soon. However, if you still have an uneasy feeling that he is cheating on you then you can either confront him directly, or seek out professional help to get the evidence you need to prove he is in fact, having an affair.

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