7 Secrets to Develop Leadership Qualities


7 Secrets to Develop Leadership Qualities

By Gary_H.

A group of leaders got together in recent years in an attempt to know what leadership quality is. The goal was to establish a clear, concise concept of leadership, which could be taught quickly and easily to others. After many late nights and more than a few disagreements, they came up with a short yet effective description.

S-Selfless Service

Notice they didn’t try to describe actions or performance of a leader. They described personal characteristics. We can choose to be leaders, managers or followers. The only thing that defines us is ourselves.

Leaders are courageous. Like everyone else, they fear failing but refuse to let fear control them. Leaders persevere. When life gets rough, they hand in until the going gets better. Leaders are flexible. They realize there is more than one way to accomplish goals and solve problems. Leaders know they are not perfect. They acknowledge their weaknesses while making the most of their leadership strengths. Leaders fail, but they don’t stay down. The leader is resilient and continues to climb. Leaders take responsibility. They don’t blame fate for their failures nor credit luck for their successes. Leaders create the extraordinary from the ordinary.

These are some key tips to help you get on your way to developing leadership qualities:

1. Listen to your team members or employees even if you don’t agree with their suggestions. This will build self-esteem and open lines of leadership communication.

2. Admit your mistakes. Be big enough to admit you’re wrong and learn from it. This may also encourage honesty and candor in those around you.

3. Maintain a “cool head.” Yelling and slamming doors will only demonstrate your loss of control. This kind of behavior might encourage people to be more hesitant to tell you even the small problems.

4. Communicate clearly with your employees your expectations of them and what they can expect from you.

5. Lead by example because your actions speak louder than your words and this demonstrates great skills of leadership.

6. Acknowledge initiative and hard work from your employees in public. Negative feedback should be done in private.

7. Never micromanage! Change management. Use delegation to promote potential and initiative in your employees or team members. Let them do their jobs and develop confidence in their abilities.

Empowering Questions
About Leadership Qualities
o If the intended results are missing, ask: What is missing in my leadership right now that would make a difference?
o What am I willing to give up to bring what’s missing into the space?

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