5 simple things all Men Want

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Let’s start with the obvious – SEX. That shouldn’t surprise anybody. We men want lots of lovely, steamy sex. But what may surprise the ladies reading this is that we want that sex within a loving, committed relationship. We men don’t do friends. We do acquaintances, we have drinking buddies, we play sport, we play golf, but none of these so-called ‘friendships’ is in any way similar to the friendships women have. Our best friend is our wife. She needs to be our lover, our best friend, our soul mate.

Women view intimacy differently from us men. Intimacy for a man means sex, for a woman it means bonding and talking. Women, give men the sex they crave and you will get the intimacy you want in return. Teach your man how to listen to you, teach him to say ‘I love you’ every day, teach him to hug you every day.

1.Great Sex

Sex is not the only thing men want from women, and not even the most important. Sex is like money. It is only important when you don’t have any. Men will not look for sex elsewhere if they are in a loving relationship and getting all the sex they need. As soon as sex becomes scarce, men will go looking for it. Men will have affairs to get sex, men will do anything to get sex if they can’t find it at home. So, ladies, sort out the sex in your relationship and you are half way to having your perfect relationship.


So now that’s the sex-sorted out. Now let’s sort out the NAGGING. Nagging is self-defeating and self-delusional. Ladies, don’t do it. You can’t expect your man to treat you like a thoroughbred if you behave like a nag. Nagging is breaking the most important rule in your relationship – thou shalt not disrespect thy man. Nagging drains the energy from a relationship. Come on ladies, you are wonderful at flirting and batting your eyelids and manipulating your man to do what you want. Which is better do you think for your relationship? That is a no-brainer.

Ask your man to put out the rubbish, and that is treating him like a servant. He is not your servant, he is an equal partner in a mutually beneficial relationship. Instead of nagging, enlist his support in keeping your home in tip-top condition, take pride in doing it together, reward him frequently with kind words, kisses and blow-jobs, make him an equal partner in a team you are proud to be a member of.

3.Touch of vulnerability

What men want from their lady is a touch of vulnerability. No point being the confident, successful, independent lady, that just puts us off. Instead, make a great show of getting your man to help you. We love helping ladies. We become the proverbial knight in shining armour riding to rescue the damsel in distress. However confident and successful the lady is, it pays her handsomely to find ways to appear just a little bit helpless at times.


Men want to be PROUD of their lady. Having a lady on their arm in a restaurant is a source of pride for a man. If the lady looks her best, and is obviously proud of her man, that gives the man the ego boost he needs. Become a better person by knowing him and make him a better person by knowing you. Be a lady, be feminine, be attractive in your PERSONALITY. Show a sense of humour, support your man in all his endeavours, be sexy, be captivating, be easy to be around. Give your man what he wants and you will get what you want in return, truly a win-win situation.


Men love women who are loyal to them. Men see loyalty as a sign of trust and confidence in them therefore a good women should offer loyalty to her husband regardless of his belief, ideas, wealth and strength . moreover it gives a boost to offer more care and security to her; has  they think “were she get it if I don’t give it her.

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