5 Good Parenting Tips

5 Good Parenting Tips – How to Be a Good Parent by Not Saying These 5 Things to Your Child

 5 Good Parenting Tips

By Maureen_Lawrence

Do you think about what you say to your child?

Do you understand that what you say to your child can affect him for the whole of his life?

Do you say things that edify and encourage your child?

A good parenting tip is to try to avoid using these five phrases with your child and then notice the difference it’ll make. Encourage him on his journey to becoming a more positive and self-confident child.
1 “Because I’m your parent that’s why.”
This statement isn’t giving your child any information as to why he shouldn’t do what he is doing. It’s important that your child understands why he’s not allowed to do what he wants. My good parenting tip is “you should always have a reason as to why your child should or shouldn’t do something. and should explain this to him. “
2. “Look at you sister/brother why can’t you be more like him/her?”
It’s unfair to continually compare one of your children to his brother or sister. Your child will grow up feeling less than positive about himself and his abilities. These remarks will cause him pain, make him feel second-rate and could affect him for a life time.  How to be a good parent tip says “look at the things your child can do and encourage him rather than point out what he can’t do.”

3. “Don’t worry about what other children think”.  What others think may be extremely important to your child and can effect how they feel about themselves. A child wont worry so much about what other people think about them if they have very good self-esteem . All parenting tips should tell you to built this into your child’s life starting as soon as he’s born.

4 “Pull yourself together” What does this is really mean? Grab hold of yourself and tug as hard as you can? It’s not a good if a child whether boy or girl is never allowed to express how they feel. If using this expression because he’s expressing anger then you need to help him learn how to express this feeling in a different manner. If your child is sad he needs to be able to express his feelings of sadness within the surrounds of a loving family. My next one of my good parents tips is  “teach your child how to express what he’s feeling in an open and honest manner.”
5 “If you do again that I’ll give you away”
A young child fears being abandoned and your using this fear to try and frighten your child into changing his behaviour. You’re not really going to do this; it’s a lie and if you continue lying to your child you’re child will learn not to trust what you say. He’ll also learn that lying is an OK thing to do. Next of my parenting ideas is “set the best example possible for your child”

Use these tips for parents and make a difference by using more positive phrases when speaking to your child.

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