5 Big Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Marriage

5 Big Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Marriage
By Rene_Taylor_Houston

Imagine the scene, a beautiful bride and a handsome groom vowing to stay together forever whilst all their family and friends look on in admiration.
But in reality, when those two people make that vow to ‘love and respect each other ’til death us do part’, they often find it a real challenge to stay together with all that life throws at them as a couple.
Maybe you’re struggling to keep things together in your relationship too, so I hope these five top tips will help you stay united:

Mistake 1 – Not listening

Not listening to your partner, especially when you’re busy doing other things, is one of the main reasons couples head for the divorce courts.
Most marriages break down because of the non-communication between the spouses. When family life gets in the way of connecting with each other, even on the most basic level, then that’s when the rot can set in and couples drift apart.
So next time your partner says they need to talk or tell you something make sure you give them your time and attention so that they can get the problem or issue off their chest and have your support.

Mistake 2 – Not being responsive to intimacy

Not being responsive to your partner’s sense of intimacy is one of the main reasons relationships break down.
Sexual relations are a very natural and important part in any relationship and if your partner feels you have no interest in their advances they could start looking elsewhere to fulfill their needs in this area.
Research shows us thoughts about sex can enter most men’s brains many times a day, whilst for women it can be as little as once a day, so now you can appreciate why your brains and urges are different.
For more information about the female brain and how it works check out this fascinating book ‘The Female Brain’ by Dr. Louann Brizendine and learn more interesting facts about how women are wired different from men.

Mistake 3 – Ignoring your friends

This is a huge mistake… not making enough time for your friends. Family is important, but so is friendship. Remember, friends will be there for you through thick and thin, but they’ll drift away if you don’t continue to nurture and support them.
Boyfriends, husbands and partners can come and go throughout your life… but good friends will be there for a lifetime.

Mistake 4 – Not being honest

It goes without saying that honesty is the best policy, so if you want your relationship and marriage to flourish you must be completely honest with your partner and have no secrets.
If things are getting to you then you need to share your feelings right at the beginning otherwise resentment can build up then all hell breaks loose.
Many men are just not as intuitive as women, they often miss all the signs when something is wrong, then you get annoyed because you think they should read your mind and figure out what you want… yes, we are from Venus and they are from Mars after all.

Mistake 5 – Always putting the kids first

Always putting your kids needs before your partner’s is a recipe for disaster.
It’s great to be fantastic parents, but don’t forget first and foremost you’re a couple and need to make time for each other if your marriage will survive.
Here’s an easy solution… make a point of arranging babysitters at least once a month and go on a ‘date night’ with just your partner to rekindle the spark you used to have as a couple before you started a family.

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