10 types of couples

10 types of couples
By Nguyen_Kinh_Luan

Relationships are more than what we want but they are what we need to be our happiest selves. Unfortunately, they don’t come automatically. Most of us have in our minds what a “good” relationship looks like and we choose partners that fit into that mindset. We’ve all seen couples who seem mismatched, while others appear as if they were meant to be. The following are the top 10 different types of couples:


1.The On/Off Couple

First on our list of the top 10 different types of relationships is the on/off couple. This is the couple that gets into a fight at Noon and are back in love by lunchtime. It’s a tug of war with every topic of discussion. Each wants to be right and the solution to a problem is to break up. But they realize they don’t want to be apart, so in no time they are together again, quite a funny couple.

2.The Motivational Couple

It’s always good to have that person that encourages you no matter what. This couple finds a way to pump each other up, regardless if it’s getting out of bed in the morning or attending class. Being each other’s cheerleader keeps this relationship at full speed.

3.The “Married” Couple

Some couples have spent so much time together they complete each other’s sentences and get on each other’s nerves – like a real husband and wife! Marriage may be way down the road for this couple but they certainly know how to play.

4.The Fitness Couple

These two probably met each other at the gym. They work out together, can be seen running all the time, and wear exercise gear everywhere they go. They are the most physically fit couple you know and fitness is a way of life.


5.The Hipster Couple

They like music that doesn’t exist yet, eat food that hasn’t been heard of yet, and go to the coolest places no one has ever been. They are the cool, hipster couple in their own hip world! You can always learn what’s new from them.

6.The Long Distance Couple

How sweet is this couple? Well, their cell phone bill probably is not so sweet, because that is their main form of communication. This couple texts like crazy and Skypes until the heavens part. Each second of their free time is spent on-line.

7.The Too Comfortable Couple

How do you know you’re too comfortable? When you don’t mind your honey brushing their teeth, while you’re on the toilet. And you have a full-on conversation. Yep, you’re too comfortable.

8.The Love Birds

These two need a room – all the time! This couple can’t get enough of each other and make their friends either envious or sick to the stomach by their PDA!


9.The Hippy Couple

Remember that couple who lived across the hall from you that wore thrift store clothes, flowers in their hair, and proclaimed peace and love could save the world? Well, that is the hippy couple for you.

10.The Instagram Couple

Instagram is the most popular social media app we have today. This couple does not disappoint! They can always be found taking selfies and searching for that perfect place to take them. They are driven by the number of likes and comments they get.

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