10 Life Hacks for Ladies and Gents in their 20’s

10 life hack for ladies and gents in their 20s
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10 life hack for ladies and gents in their 20s

10 life hack for ladies and gents in their 20’s: Life in the early twenties can be stressful and challenging for both young men and women because they enter a phase in life were childish or immature experimenting is done away with and now society looks up to them to take over as responsible members or citizens.

10 life hacks for ladies and gents in their 20’s

1# Plan

Planning is of great importance to the life of any individual and companies, many young people around live life by the chance, they expect certain things in life to happen to them and not making them happen. Which can be very dangerous because your do not get what you want, rather life direct itself for you and giving you what you don’t expect: disappointment, misery, poverty. You should plan your life effectively and ensure by all means that you adhere to the plan you’ve set if success is the target for you.  

2# Manage time effectively

“Time lost is never gained or recovered”, they say and it’s true. Once you lose a second, minute, an hour, a day! You can never have it back, it’s gone forever. Timeis very essential for success and that why you need to manage time effectively and always take note of how you’re spending your days. Search for activities that add value to your life and work dedicatedly on each of them. Many people spend time carelessly only to wake up at 60 too late perform and achieve their dreams.

 3# 10 life hack for ladies and gents in their 20s: Spend money wisely

Money, money, and money everything is about money. Learn to budget the money you have and speed wisely according to plan, avoid impulse buying has it draws you back from progressing. Once you buy something out of the budget then you have ruined everything that was planned ,remember you sat down and budgeted because you needed those things and if can’t resist impulse buying then save some funds for that.   

4# do not rely on one jobThese days life can take any turn and you should be ready to stand without shaking.

Don’t focus all your energy and time in one job or form of earning or source of income. Learn to diversify, look for other ways of earning income other than your job and be fast. Everyone is born an entrepreneur, what makes one successful is how much effort you invest in. Try running a small business like a green shop, coffee shop, car wash, mobile money vendor etc. For example am a class teacher but I also do part time blogging , web designing, welding and write for  my own blogs.

5# Invest in assets not liabilities

Many people don’t understand what the difference between assets and liabilities is. Assets are simply things that put money in your pockets or bank account while Liabilities are things that get or draws money out of your pockets or bank account. Contrary to popular perception; expensive posh cars, smartphones, tablets, expensive clothes and DStv full bouquets are not assets rather liabilities because they take money out of your pockets, depreciate and need more money to maintain. So my advice take time and effort to invest in assets like apartment house for rentals, farms etc. 

6# Rest and sleep adequately

REST, yes rest is important to one’s life, studies  shows that, one need to at least 8 hour of sleep to perform at maximal efficiency during work and also take a nap during the day to relax the mind and body from the busy schedule of the day  and daily-life.

7# work on your personality

The way we dress to send a message to the person watching us. Learn to dress appropriately for the occasion,’ swaggy dress code is for teenagers’. Smart, clean dress code is advisable has it sends a positive message to the people around you. Secondly mind the way you choose your vocabulary because people are always busy analyzing your word selection when you are talking and categorize you in their mind, always speak in a steady soft voice tone as its radiates confidence.  

8# Find love

Yes everyone need love no matter how busy you are with your life. Take time to really look for a suitable partner to stay with in life and fall in love with. Been alone also is not always great and advisable. Love makes us happy and studies show that happiness prolongs life span. Remember after the burden and hectic schedules of business one will needs a comforting voice of the loved one to encourage them, advice you and add flavour to your life.   

9# Exercise regularly

Exercises are activities that stretch our muscle for fitness, exercises are important, they enable us to burn some unwanted fats keep fit all the time. Make it a habit to perform exercises regularly as it great for your healthy.

10# Choose friends wisely

“Show me your friends and how get to know you better” is the saying, simply implying that people of similar traits either bad or good are just one and the same. Friend are people around us, they have the power to change the way we do things and react to them. Learn to choose friend wisely, avoid those who always don’t agree to what your say or criticize your ideas, those that don’t respect you, acknowledge your weakness or strength and mock you because, they stop you from progressing and achieving your dreams. Real friends are those who stay in time of disasters, encourage you and accept your weaknesses.         

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