10 amazing Marriage Tips evey couple should know


10 amazing  Marriage Tips evey couple should know

By Karen_Holston

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a good marriage? It takes work, and it takes a commitment to keep making it better. Most people don’t realize you have to put some work into your marriage if you want it to remain as good as it was on your wedding day. This is why divorce statistics are so high and why people are in a troubled marriage.

Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to improve and keep your marriage a happy one. Take a look at 10 marriage tips that will help make your marriage a better one.

Acceptance: You should accept your spouse for who they are and not try to change them into someone they’re not.

Remain Positive: A negative person will bring negative energy and hurt into a marriage. You should always try to remain a positive person no matter what the two of you go through. Always try to turn a negative into a positive in your lives.

Spend Time: It doesn’t matter if you watch a movie or just go for a walk, you have to spend more time with your spouse. Spending more time together will make your relationship stronger.
Don’t Make Threats:
If you get into an argument with your spouse you can make the mistake of making threats. Making threats such as saying you’re going to end the marriage is a bad move. Making threats will only make your marriage worse not better.

Communicate: Communication is key, especially if you have a problem you should communicate that problem to your spouse so they know the problem your having. The worse thing you can do is not communicate with your partner.

Do It Before Asked: After a while of being married you should know what your spouse expects of you. Once you have reached that level you should try to do what they want before they even ask you to do it.
Keep Your Self Looking Good:
Some married couples stop taking care of themselves and stop trying to look their best after a while. This may be because they are more focused on their children and their household more than themselves. It will make a difference if you try to look your best every once in a while even if your not going out.
Everyone likes to hear compliments and your spouse is no different. So when a compliment is due give it to them.

Courtesy: Being polite and courteous shouldn’t only be for strangers. You should also use courteous words with your spouse such as excuse me, thank you, your welcome , and please.

Listen: Listening is important for good communication and you will be surprised about how much more you can learn about your spouse as time goes on. Listening involves trying to understand where your spouse is coming from not just hearing them talk.

Keeping a marriage good takes work but it takes much more effort to save one. These 10 marriage tips will help keep a good marriage good and help save a marriage that has turned upside down.

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